Rideshare for Kids? Accidents Do Still Happen

Many Nevadans by now have used either Uber or Lyft at some point in their lives. Rideshare businesses have proven that they are here to stay, whether it be for convenience, your next business trip out of the state or country, or for the incidental check and balance it casts over the once monopolized taxi companies. If none of the above do much to move your needle, rideshare services at the very least help curtail impaired driving by offering a more prompt and convenient option to help keep Nevada roads safe. But, rideshare for kids?
Now, those of you with minor children here in the Las Vegas Valley probably have thought at one time or another, “Can I call an Uber or Lyft for my child or children to get to and/or from school?” The answer in most states is usually no; however, that is no longer the status in the State of Nevada, at least in Clark County. Nevada has joined states like California in embracing the concept of rideshare for kids, welcome “HopSkipDrive.” Per their website, www.hopskipdrive.com offers a non-routine student transportation where you can book, edit, and cancel trips from your cell phone or via internet so your children can catch a ride at someone else’s expense. As of now, it seems the service is for school related purposes and activities only. Nevertheless, accidents do happen.
Every ride for a child is monitored by the company’s “Safe Ride Support team.” A parent is also able to review the profile of the anticipated driver of your child, and for identifying purposes, drivers wear bright orange t-shirts. Each HopSkipDrive vehicle has a specific sticker logo like the sister rideshare companies, and drivers/employees must maintain specific credentials and training in order to drive. Drivers are considered “caredrivers,” but have higher qualifications to meet than drivers of Uber or Lyft. Please note: the service is not available to children less than six years old.
Whether you agree with this service is not the true topic here, that is probably a debate for a different article. The true question is this, if you choose to use a rideshare service like HopSkipDrive for your child, and there is a resulting accident which causes injury to your child, what remedies are available for you and your family? As both a family law and personal injury attorney in Nevada, impact of the legislation breeds sweeping effects across the legal landscape of the Battleborn State. But, from an injury perspective, HopSkipDrive is required to maintain insurance just like Uber, Lyft, or any other commercial company.
If your child is either injured in a rideshare by a “caredriver” or in a rideshare with Uber and/or Lyft, you do not need to deal with it alone, you should follow these basic rules at the very least:
Rule number one: Never assume either you or your child is free from injury following an automobile accident. Barring major injuries, adrenaline will usually mask many medical concerns immediately after an accident to where a victim believes their “fine” when they really are not.
Rule number two: Never talk with an insurance company from any rideshare company following an accident, they do not have the best interests of your family at heart. In general, insurance companies are primarily concerned with protecting their bottom line, not your injuries or the care and cost needed for the same. This means they devalue your injuries, their own personal liability, and it undoubtedly has a negative effect in a given case.
Rule number three: Never waste time. Every day that goes by after accident can affect the value of an injury case. Gaps in time and/or treatment are a driving force for insurance companies to defend against liability.
Rule number four: Always contact an attorney who has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate through your injury case. It is statistically proven that injury victims who have an attorney receive more in compensation than those who remain unrepresented. You would not hire an electrician to fix your plumbing issues, nor would you operate on yourself as opposed to using a surgeon: Do not try to handle your legal problem without the proper team of legal professionals.
Rule number five: Policy Considerations. You should always check your policy after an accident. Did you know that there may be more than one insurance policy available for recovery? Did you further know that although your minor child was in a rideshare vehicle, your coverages may still apply as well?
As technology changes making life more convenient, especially for the children of Nevada, we should keep in mind that accidents can still happen. At vegas west attorneys we can represent you, your child, or both if injured in an accident. Vegas west attorneys also handles automobile accidents, tractor trailer and/or trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, and rideshare accidents.
If either you or a loved one is injured, or you are currently unhappy with your current representation, please contact an experienced attorney at vegas west attorneys for immediate help at (702) 629-7553.

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