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Posted on: February 23, 2017 Las Vegas Family Law

Quick and Inexpensive Uncontested Divorces in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas has a reputation as being the divorce capital of the world. Two of the primary reasons are its short residency requirement and it being no fault.
While some states have residency requirements of up to six months, only six-week residence is required in Nevada and there is no waiting period. In general, divorces may be obtained much faster in Nevada than most states.
Additionally, unlike some states, Nevada has no fault divorce. In other words, if one party wants a divorce, they are entitled to a divorce and do not have to show fault or establish any other basis for wanting the divorce.
If there are no children and property to be addressed, an uncontested divorce may be prepared by Vegas West Attorneys for as low as $1,000.00 and be completed within several weeks. Children and property issues, however, may significantly increase the time and expense of a divorce.
Schedule an appointment with a family law attorney at Vegas West Attorneys 702-263-8438 to determine whether you qualify for quick uncontested divorce.

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