In a Parking Lot? Back That Thing Up!

Parking lots in Las Vegas have become a lawless battleground of sorts, and it does not matter whether it is a supermarket, casino, sporting event, restaurant, or one of the many plazas a.k.a. mini malls scattered all over the city. Parking lot chaos is a concern as the population of Las Vegas grows. The city is growing with more and more people who are not from the area and thus are unfamiliar with the terrain. Just look at the lack of uniformity entering and/or leaving parking lots, or the herd of traffic moving day and night as cars speed in every direction. You might even see a car or truck going east and west in a north/south parking lot just to avoid driving through…more traffic.
Not only have parking lots become more difficult to navigate, they are almost unavoidable in Las Vegas. You might take interest in knowing that driving in a parking lot exposes you to more liability than when you drive on the highway. Insurance companies frequently find both drivers at fault when involved in a parking lot accident. Without witnesses and/or cameras, each insurance company will usually assume half of the blame. This means you are partly at fault, even if you did nothing wrong.
The residual effect of this may result in you not getting money to fix your car. Or, if you are injured physically, the impact may be even greater than the accident itself because you won’t receive the entitled compensation for injuries that you deserve.
Vegas west attorneys wants to provide you with some preventable tips to protect both you and your vehicle when located in a parking lot:
– Always REVERSE and BACK into your parking spot rather than pulling into it. When exiting the spot, you now have a 180-degree view of not only pedestrians and vehicle traffic, but the vehicle in front of you that may be exiting at the same time as you. Also, you avoid having to look backward then forward, and then backward again before exiting the space.

– If the parking lot has video surveillance cameras, always park near them or within view of the camera(s).

– At night, always park near lighting and/or well-lit areas.

– Park away from the crowd. There is nothing wrong with taking a walk.

– Yield. Never assume in a parking lot you have the right-of-way, even if you think you do.

– Slow down. You always need to keep a look out due to quick and sudden movements when in a parking lot.

– Do not use your cell phone because your attention needs to be at a maximum.

These tips are important because parking lot accidents often happen on private property. This means law enforcement will usually refrain from getting involved. Unless there is a serious injury or accident in a parking lot, do not expect the police to show up for a small accident or fender bender. Therefore, it is important that you take notes of the accident in real time; take photos of not only the damage to the property, but the location of the parking lot so it is identifiable; gather all insurance information from the people involved; and do not discuss whether you feel fine or whether you are injured because most of the time the victim rarely knows if they are okay—this is because of the adrenaline in your body that an accident creates. Adrenaline often results in you thinking you are okay when you are really not. Most victims feel their injuries days later, if not longer.
At vegas west attorneys we evaluate the value of your claim and fight for your right to be compensated. The insurance company owes you a fiduciary duty as their insured and policyholder, this is no different than the fiduciary duty we owe to you. The result is vegas west attorneys fighting for the compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages or income, medical expenses and more as set forth above.
At vegas west attorneys, we have experienced attorneys who work directly with you, directly with your doctors, and provide you with the proper legal advice to answer those common questions. Our experienced attorneys and case managers provide aide in different aspects of your accident case as well. We are your injury advocates and will speak with the insurance companies, so you do not have to. Vegas west attorneys participates on YELP for purposes of client reviews and customer service, and also posts client reviews on its website located at to help share the trust and results that actual clients have experienced when working with vegas west attorneys.

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