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What exactly does full service mean? Well, that means our law firm will provide legal services in just about every area. With our legal staff having decades of experience, you are able to utilize Vegas West Attorneys of Las Vegas for just about every possible legal issue. Vegas West Attorneys provides affordable legal services. By being our client you will receive one on one attention to your legal issue. If you are looking for a qualified attorney, then select a top rated firm like Vegas West Attorneys of Las Vegas.


If you find yourself in legal trouble, it is imperative that you seek legal representation immediately. Waiting can be a terrible mistake. The decision you make can be a life changing event. From minor misdemeanors to felony cases, Vegas West Attorneys can represent you in a professional manner and help guide you through the legal process to land you in the best possible conclusion to your case. Timing is everything regarding criminal law, the longer you wait, the worse your outlook can become.


Having issues with an unruly landlord? Or are you on the other side with a tenant that is in violation of a lease? These types of issues need to be handled by a professional, top rated law firm, Vegas West Attorneys excellent choice for representation. Lingering landlord-tenant issues can be a disaster to your business. Don’t let it continue. contact Vegas West Attorneys for affordable legal representation and put an end to these troublesome issues.


Have you been injured in a car accident? had a work injury that has not gone away? there are many types of personal injury claims that we can handle. if you have been injured, getting legal help from the start can ease some of the difficulties associated with your injury.

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Family law issues are almost always stressful and worrisome. You will find peace of mind when you enlist the Vegas West Attorneys. You will feel confident that your rights will be protected when you have one of our experienced attorneys on your side. You will benefit directly from our attorneys’ experience because you will work one on one with your attorney. You will be involved in all of the decisions. After all, it is your case.

Personal Injury cases are one of our specialties. If you have been injured and need representation, contact us today. We have a full staff of attorneys that can see to your needs immediately and get your cases started off on the right foot immediately. In a personal injury case, handling it correctly from the start is a major aspect of your legal case. Contact us today.

When you need business landlord – tenant legal help, you want to have the best attorney possible to represent your case. You need Carli Sansone. Carli will bring professional attention to your contract situation and make sure your interests are being met in your case. Get representation early on in your negotiation. Get help today.

In a criminal case, time is a vital component to making the best out of a very worrisome situation. When you put Vegas West Attorneys to work for you, we will make sure every possible reasonable scenario is worked out ahead of time for you. Leaving you with hopefully no surprises in your case. Make sure your rights are properly protected by contacting Vegas West Attorneys today.

Vegas West Attorneys is a full-service law firm. That means that we can handle almost any case that you need representation on. If you need first class legal help at an affordable price than Vegas West Attorneys is the correct firm for you. Contact us today and see if we are the right law firm to represent you in your case.

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