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Posted on: February 23, 2017 Las Vegas Family Law

How Do I Get Divorced In Las Vegas, Nevada?

The first step in any divorce proceeding is the preparation and filing a complaint. The complaint states the grounds for divorce and sets forth some basic information concerning the parties and any minor children. Although many of the statements in the complaint may appear to be set forth in broad and generalized terms, the complaint is a formal document that covers certain technical matters required by law. After you sign the complaint, it will be filed with the court to initiate the action, assigned to a family court judge and then served to the opposing party. Upon receiving the complaint, the opposing party will respond by filing an answer to the complaint. Often the answer will be accompanied by a counterclaim. Opposing party will have twenty days from the date of service of the complaint to file an answer.

Often, along with a complaint for divorce, a request will be filed for preliminary issues such as custody, temporary child support, temporary alimony, temporary attorney’s fees, possession of the home or a restraining order. In conjunction with consultation from you, your attorney will decide which, if any, of these preliminary procedures, are necessary.

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