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Posted on: February 27, 2017 Las Vegas Family Law

How Do You Figure Las Vegas Child Support?

Child support in Las Vegas, Nevada is calculated pursuant to a formula adopted by the Nevada Legislature in 1987, and which appears in Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 125B. The non-custodial parent pays the custodial parent a percentage of his gross monthly income, with the percentage depending on the number of children. The statutory formula rate for one child is 18%, 25% for two, 29% for three, with an additional 2% added for each child more than three.
The law also applies a presumed maximum amount, referred as the “cap”, which sets a maximum amount of Las Vegas child support to be paid depending on income range. For example, a non- custodial parent whose gross monthly income is less than $4,235 will have his support “capped” at $681 per month per child. If that parent’s gross monthly income is between $10,585 and $12,701, the “cap” is $955 per month per child.
The product of the application of the statutory formula rate to gross monthly income is called the statutory formula amount ($gross monthly income x %= statutory formula amount). This amount may be adjusted upward or downward by the Court exercising its discretion but only for the nine specific reasons listed in the statute, such as cost of child care, cost of insurance, and relative income of the parties.
If parents have joint custody, the statutory formula rate is applied to each parent’s income, the resulting amounts compared, and the parent with the greater income pays to the other parent the difference between the two statutory formula amounts.

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