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Posted on: February 23, 2017 Las Vegas Family Law

What To Do If You Are Considering A Las Vegas Divorce


  • Immediately seek legal advice. Whether you actually follow through with a divorce or not, it’s wise to obtain legal advice to know where you stand and how you may potentially advance your position in the event of divorce.
  • Stop using social media. You will be best served by deactivating any social media accounts. Nothing good can happen by using social media before or during a divorce.
  • Obtain a credit report. Be sure you are aware of any outstanding debts or credit issues that you or your spouse may have. After meeting with a lawyer, you may seek advice as to whether or not to cancel any joint credit cards.
  • Compile financial documents. Copy any tax returns (with schedules), pay stubs, bank statements, retirement statements and credit card statements. The more documents available to show your lawyer, the better advice you will be offered.
  • Have a reserve. Whether a cash reserve or available credit on a credit card, be sure to have available resources whether to hire a lawyer, or to pay your personal expenses in the event that becomes necessary.

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