What is Probation?

Probation is a procedural option for a defendant as an alternative to being sent to jail or prison. Rather than sentence the person and ordering them to serve time, the judge may provide an opportunity for the defendant to demonstrate that they want to rehabilitate themselves. Probation results in the release of a defendant back

Congratulations to Joe Riccio

vegas west attorneys is pleased to announce that Joe Riccio was appointed to the Nevada Editorial Board for the Nevada Lawyer magazine in September 2018. Joe practices primarily in the areas of personal injury, family law, and criminal law. Joe is a partner of vegas west attorneys.

Marijuana Legalization and Employee Drug Testing in Nevada

Looking for a job in Nevada? Do not be surprised if your prospective employer requires a drug test that includes a screening for marijuana use. Why would they test for a substance that is legal to consume in Nevada? Because they can. Labor law in this country is federalist in nature, with the states and

Courts Decide: Dog Lives Matter

Many police officers would say they would never want to hurt a family pet. Unfortunately, there are certain situations that place an officer in a position where he feels he has no other choice than to protect himself and shoot a dog. Most of families with dogs who are killed by police officers have little

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